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Sri Krishna in Geethopadesam





Sri Bhagavaan Uvaacha :-
mayya veshyo-mano ye' maam - nithya yuktha upaasathe' |
shraddhhayaa - parayo' paethaas-the' - me' yuktha thamaa mathaah: || -- XII - 2
The Supreme Lord said: I consider them to be the Yogis who, fixing their mind
on Me and ever steadfast worship Me, the Manifest, with supreme faith.
Sanjaya Uvacha :
yathra yogeshwraha Krishno - yathra Paartho dhanurdharaha;
thathra sreer-vijayo bhoothir-dhruva neethir-mathi mama || -- XVIII - 78
Sanjaya said :
Wherever there is the Lord of Yoga, Sri Krishna, Wherever there is Partha wielding his bow; There, good fortune, Victory, Prosperity and eternal policy will reign. Such is my conviction.
[ Here, the true meaning is: Whoever worships the Divine Lord, [Sri Krishna] with total devotion, Love and surrender while performing one's duties is sure to get the Divine blessings and protection with good fortune, success and prosperity. ]