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Sri Gayathri Devi


Prayers to Sri Gayathri Devi
Gayathri Manthra
Om ! Bhoor Bhuva Suvah: Thath Savithur Vare'nyam |
Bhargo Dhevasya Dheemahi Dhiyo Yo Nah: Prachodhayath ||
AUM, O' triple wonder of creation, continuence, and dispersion
Splendour of the three inter-linked worlds here, and around, and beyond; !
[Physical, the subtle and the potential]
O' adorable immaculate One, May You, that Supreme Divine being,
stimulate our intellegence for our self awakening,
so that we may realize the Supreme Truth . . . . !!
Please note: Gayathri Manthra is a Prayer to God Surya [Sun]
(It is set to the rules of "Gayathri Chanda" Meters - in music)
See: About Meaning of Gayathri Mantra and Om .

Rig Veda Hymns on 'One God'
Idham Mitram Agnim Aahu atho; Dhivya Sah Suparnah Garuthman |
E'kam Sath Viprah Bahudhah Vadhanthi, Agnim; Yama Matharisvaanam Aahuh ||
-- Rig Veda - Verse - I . 164 .46
They call Him (It) Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni; and He is the heavenly nobly-winged Garuthman !
To what is One, Sages give many a title, Agni, Yama, Matharisvan they call it !!
Om ! Asatho' Maa Sath Gamaya -
Thamaso' Maa Jyothirgamaya |
Mr.uthyo' Maa Amr.ruthamgamaya -
Om! Saanthih: Saanthih: Saanthih: ||
Lead me from the unreal to the Real -
- From darkness [ignorance] to the Light [knowledge];
- From death to Immortality. Om Peace ! Peace !! Peace !!!