Hindu Heritage Study Program 
A Companion to the Study of Hinduism - Part IV
HR 255.04
Principles and Practice of Hindu Dharma
~ Level - 2
Vedas and Ritualistic Practice
A Collection of the Texts Available that gives the Divine Message
for Everyone to Study, Understand and Practice in Rituals
Selected Prayers and Hymns from the Vedic Scriptures to Recite
- 05 -
Isa'va'sya Upanishad
Part - IV



Isaa vaasyam Idham Sarvam Yat Kim cha Jagatyaam Jagat |
Te'na Tyakte'na Bhunjitha, Maa Gr.dhah Kasyasvid Dhanam || || 1 ||

1. All this - whatever exists in this changing universe - should be covered by the Lord. Protect the Self by renunciation. Lust not after any man's wealth.
Kurvann e've'h Karmaani Jijeevisetsatam Samah: |
E'vam Tvai Naanyatheto'sti na Karma Lipyate' nare' || || 2 ||

2. If a man wishes to live a hundred years on this earth, he should live performing action. For you, who cherish such a desire and regard yourself as a man, there is no other way by which you can keep work from clinging to you.
Asuryaa naama te' Lokaa andhe'na tamasaa Vr.taah: |
Taama te' Pretvaabhigacchanthi ye' ke' caatmahano Janaah: || || 3 ||

3. Demonic, verily, are those enveloped in blinding darkness, and to them go after death, those people who are the slayers of the self.
Ane'jade'kam Manaso Javiyo nainad de'vaa Apnoovan Poorvamarsat |
Tad dha avato'nyaan-atye'ti tishthat Tasminn Apo maatarisva Dadhaati || ||4 ||

4. That non-dual Atman, though never stirring, is swifter than the mind. The Devas (senses) cannot reach It, for It moves ever in front. Though Standing still, It overtakes others who are running. Because of Atman, Vayu (the world Soul) apportions the activities of all.
Tadhe'jathi T hannaijathi Thadh dhoore' Thadvadh anthike' |
Thad antharasya Sarvasya Thadhoo sarvasyaaya Baahyatah:|| || 5 ||

5. It moves and It moves not; It is far and It is near; It is within all this and It is outside all this.
Yasthu Sarvaani Bhootaani Aathmany -e'vaanupasyathi |
Sarvabhoothe'su Chathmaanam Thatho no Vijugupsate' || || 6 ||

6. The wise man beholds all being in the Self and the Self in all being; for that reason he does not dislike anyone.
Yasmin Sarvaani Bhoothany Aathmaivaabhudh Vijaanathah: |
Thathra ko Mohah: kah: Sokah E'kathvam Anupasyathah: || || 7 ||

7. To the seer, all things have verily become the Self; what delusions, what sorrow, can there be for him who beholds that oneness?
Sa Paryagaac- chukram- akaayam- avranam-
- asnaaviram- suddham- apaapaviddham |
Kavir-maneeshee- paribhooh- Svayambhuh- Yaathaathvathah-
- Arthaan vyadhadhac- chaathibhyas- samabhyah: || || 8 ||

8. It is He who pervades all - He who is radiant, bodiless, devoid of sinews, pure and untouched by evil. He who is the seer, the thinker, all-pervading, self-existent, has duly distributed through endless years the objects according to their natures.
Andham Thamah: Pravisanthi Ye'vidhyaam Upaasate' |
Thatho Bhooya Iva The' Thamo Ya U Vidhyaam rathah: || || 9 ||

9. Into a blind darkness they enter who are devoted to ignorance; but into a greater darkness they enter who engages in knowledge alone.
Anyadh-e'vaahoor Vidhyayaa Anyadh-aahoor- Avidhyayaa |
Ithi- Susruma Dheeranaam Ye Nas Thad vichachaksire' || || 10 ||

10. Distinct, indeed, they say, is the result of knowledge; distinct, they say, is the result of ignorance. Thus we heard from the wise who have taught us this.
Vidhyaam- chaa-Vidhyaam cha Yas Thad vedhobhayam Saha |
Avidhyayaa Mr.thyum Thirthva Vidhyayaamr.tham Asnuthe' || || 11 ||

11. Knowledge and ignorance, he who knows the two together crosses death through ignorance and attains life eternal through knowledge.
Andham Thamah: Pravisanthi Ye' Sambhoothim Upaasathe' |
Thatho Bhooya Iva the' Thamo Ya U Sambhoothyam rathaah: || ||12 ||

12. Into blinding darkness enter those who worship the unmanifest - and into still greater darkness enter those who delight in the manifest.
Anyadh-e'vaahooh: Sambhavaad Anyadh-aahur- asambhaavaath |
Ithi Soosruma- dheeranaam Ye' nas-thad Vicha-chaksire' || || 13 ||

13. Distinct indeed, they say, is what results from the manifest; and distinct, they say, is what results from the unmanifest. Thus have we heard from the wise who taught us this.
Sambhoothim Cha Vinaasam Cha Yas- thad Veddobhayam Saha |
Vinaase'na mr.thyum Theerthva Sambhoothyaa Amr.tham Asnuthe' || || 14 ||

14. He who understands the manifest and the unmanifest both together, crosses death through the unmanifest and attains life eternal through the manifest.
Hirannmaye'na Paathre'na Sathyasya -apitham Mookham |
Thath- thvam Poosan Apaavr.nu Sathyadharmaaya Dr.shtaye' || ||15 ||

15. The face of truth is covered with a golden disc. Unveil it, 'O Nurisher', so that I who love the truth may see it.
Pooshann- E'karshe Yama soorya Praajaa pathya Vyooha rasmeen Samooha |
Te'joh Yat-the' Roopam Kalyaanathamam That-the' Pasyaami
Yosaav-asau Purushah: So'ham Asmi. || || 16 ||

16. 'O Nourisher', Lone traveller of the sky! Controller! O Sun, offspring of Prajapati! Gather Your rays; withdraw Your light.I would see, through Your Grace, that form of Yours which is the fairest. I am indeed He who dwells there.

Vaayur Anilam Amr.tham Athe'dham Bhasmaantham Sareeram |
O'm Kratho Smara Kr.tham Smara Kratho Smara Kr.tham Smara || || 17 ||

17. Let this temporary body burnt to ashes and let the air of life be merged with the total immortal air; Now O' my lord, please remember all my sacrifices, and because You are the ultimate beneficiary, please remember all that I have done for You.

Agne' Naya Supathaa Raaye' Asmaan Visvani Deva Vayunaani vidhvaan |
Yuyo'dhy -asmaj -juhuraanam e'no' Bhooyist'haam the' Nama -ukthim Vidhema || || 18 ||

18. O' Lord of fire, O' Omnipotent one, now I offer You all obeisances, falling at your feet. O' my Lord, please lead me on the right path to reach You, and since You know all that I have done in the past, please free me from the reactions to my past sins so that there will be no hindrance to my progress.
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