The Concept of God in Hindu Religion
Poems and Prayers
In Search of the Absolute Truth
Scientific Intellectual Scrutiny
Understanding by Spiritual Inquiry
You will see it when you believe in it.
Six men of great wisdom once traveled to Indostan,
To study, to know and to understand about an elephant.
Yes, they were all blind and could not see but darkness.
They would feel and learn and make their own conclusion.
They would realize with Perception, Analysis and Reason,
Because they were wise, they knew they would be right.
One who touched the side of the body said it was like a wall;
One that felt the tail said the Elephant was just a broom;
One held the trunk, for him it was nothing but a long tube;
For the one who felt the tusk, it was just a round sword;
The tall one reached the ear and said it was like a big flat fan;
The short one felt the leg and said it was a short round barrel.
In Theology and Religion, there are many who have a narrow view
Of their faith in Absolute without understanding the whole truth;
To them, what they know seems perfect and all others are wrong.
As Reason is only Analysis of stored Perception and Memory,
Intellectual conviction alone will not lead to Realization.
One has to go beyond Reason and obtain Spiritual Insight.
In this world of greed and passion, blinded by the ignorance,
The Absolute Supreme with Its real form will be visible
Only to the one who has a true vision of Its entire Glory;
To the one who looks at the Truth and gathers with open eyes
And analyzes from all aspects and shares with all others
This knowledge of Truth without ignorance or greed or passion.
-- Adapted from an old story in Upanishads-- -- by Bala N. Aiyer