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Festivals and Celebrations in Hindu Religion

Sri Saraswathyai Namaha
Namaha Paramarishibhyo -- -- Sri Gurubyo Namaha
Prasad S. Kidambi [Poorna Pragna]
Introduction & Contents


Every Hindu festival represents Vinimaya- mode of celebration, and Viniyoga-practical utility or application. The above two aspects of the festival have different explanations and implications in all three principle modes of Hindu explanations namely:

1. Adhi Bhoutika Artha: Pure Scientific Explanations
2. Adhi Daivika Artha: Allegorical Explanations driven to keep enviromental balance
3. Adhi Atmika Artha: Spiritual explanations.

The first two modes of explanations are called Bahiryaga or Bahiranga or External Significance of the Vinimaya and Viniyoga. These are clear apparent and show immediate effects like detoxifying the environment, immunizing massive communities for seasonal adaptations etc. The third mode of explanation is called Antaryaga or Antaranga or internal significance is geared towards those individuals who with proper training and grace can internalize different parts of the fesival celebrations as parts of spiritual development as ordained in vast array of yoga texts.


Why Festivals are celebrated:

Every festival that is celebrated in BHARATH aka INDIA condenses the vast knowledge of Astronomy, Ecology, Ayurveda (Medicine) so as to adapt an individual to a particular climatic condition that is forth coming at a particular seasonal change. It has to be remembered always that in Hinduism the food is medicine. This is the immediate benefit to the individual. Most of the festive performances like doing yagnas, mixing turmeric and other stuff in rivers and lakes deals with the cleaning environment and retaining the environmental balance and the general health of the individual. At spiritual level all festivities culminate in triumph of good over evil; Deva (pure light or knowledge) or Devi (pure consciousness) becoming victorious over Asuras (gross ignorance or matter) as montioned in various yoga texts is the spritual meaning of Antharyaaga which is for the Upaasakaas or practitioners of various yogas to achieve the higher levels of the perfection in the evolution. This is the antharaartha of the festivals. All the festivals are synthesized from Puraannaas and these in turn represent the wisdom the Veda Vignaana Saagara (the ocean of the Vedic Wisdom).

Sarve janaha sukhino bhavanthu
Let every one be happy
Bhadram karnebhihi Srunuyama
Let noble thoughts come from all directions

Siva Dhyanam - Prayers to Sri Siva


1. Sivarathri

2. Devi Navarathri [Dasarah]


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