Principles and Practice of Hindu Religion
Devotional Paths of Surrender
in Hindu Religious Practice
Gods & Avatharas -- Prayers & Rituals
How they do not Contradict but
Complement each other in Practice

List of Contents








1. Manifestations of the Unmanifest Supreme Brahmam

One God in Many Forms as Our Choice.
Sri Ganesha Avathar
Pranav Manthra - OM - The Meaning and the Significance.







2. Practice of Discipline, Devotion and Prayers

Bhakthi Pathway and Vedic Rituals
The Spiritual Discipline of Devotional Pathway
Fundamental Discipline needed for Bhakthi Yoga

3. Prayers and Devotional Rituals of Hindus

Daily Vedic Rituals at Home
Ishta Devatha and Adhikara Pooja
Principles and Meaning of Deepa Pooja
Rituals of Nithya Karma and Prayer Services

4. Pooja Rituals at Home for Deities

Rituals and Prayers for Home and Temples
Ishta Devatha and Adhikara for Pooja at Home
Principles and Meaning of Deepa Pooja
Principles of Sri Ganesha Avathar
Pooja Methods [by: Sri Raja Rathna Bhattar]
Performing Sri Ganesha Pooja at home

5. Qualities and Qualifications of Guru and Sishya

Guru Paricheda [by: Sri Poorna Pragna / Prasad Khidambi]
Disqualifications for a Sishya

6. Festivals and Celebrations in Hindu Religion

Siva Dhyanam of Rudra Namakam. [by: Sri Poorna Pragna /Prasad]
Maha Siva Raathri - Significance and meaning.
Meaning of -- 1. Upanayanam or Brahmopadesam,
Meaning of -- 2. Vivaha, -- 3. Sapthapadhi
Is it One God in many forms or is it many gods?

Hindu Heritage Study Program
An Educational Program for the Adults and Youth
Devotional Paths, Prayers & Rituals
Home Pooja methods & Slokas

Hindu Religion: : A Basic study
Hindu Spirit and the Paths of Yoga
Principles of Hindu Philosophy