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Essential Therapeutic Life Style Changes
For a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit
Some Simple Steps to Uplift the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health
Bala N. Aiyer, M.D.
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Quotes for Spiritual Support
 SRIMAD BHAGAVAT GITA - Chapter 2- Slokas 55 to 64
(You can view various translations of Srimad Bhagavad Gita in several websites)

"Arjuna! Whoever is able to abdicate the rising tide of desires in his mind and is
happy within himself, he is considered a balanced person" (55)

"Whoever is not sorry for what is lost nor is attracted by what is new, does not have
any fear, and does not jump with anger he is a hard-nosed mastermind" (56)

"He who is not affected by good things or bad, who is not egged on by new things,
nor has a dislike for anything, he has a balanced intellect" (57)

The tortoise retracts itself into its shell when required. Similarly the one who does not get
his five senses affected by any emotional circumstance, he has an equitable brain" (58)

A person who is fasting avoids food. But he does not forget the taste of it. One
who has realized God does not remember even the taste" (59)

"Kunti's son Arjuna! If the five senses transcend their limit they will take away
the mind of a even a meditating saint" (60)

"Listen now ! Whoever has all the senses under tight control with yoga, and taken
refuge with me, he has a balanced intellect" (61)

"When a person is emotionally involved with something, he develops a like for it;
which leads to a desire for it and turns into anger eventually" (62)

"Anger leads to a state of blackout which makes for a comatose stage causing
insensibility and results in self-destruction" (63)

"He who is able to mentally control his senses irrespective of all likes and dislikes,
he walks with peace of mind" (64)

(Translated from Commentary by Thiru. Mu. Varadarajanar)

"Controlling anger where it will have bad consequences is essential
It is immaterial whether one gets angry or not, otherwise" (301)

"It is wrong to get angry with someone stronger than you and there
is nothing worse than getting angry with those weaker" (302)

"One should forget to get angry with anyone. Bad consequences are
because of anger" (303)

"Is there is anything more inimical than anger which destroys a smiling
countenance and a joyous mind ?" (304)

"Anyone who wants to protect himself must prevent getting angry, else
the anger will destroy oneself" (305)

"Anger which destroys all surrounding like fire,
will destroy the entire community" (306)

"Anyone who uses anger to show off his power is like a person who has
destroyed his own field" (307)

"Even if one is being subjected to utmost misery like being thrown into
a cauldron of fire, it is better not to get angry with him " (308)

"One who does not even think of anger will get all the good things
that he can ever think of" (309)

"One who has crossed the limits of anger is like a dead man;
one who has abandoned anger completely is a saint" (310)


(For Translations in English and Tamil of these Verses and other Chapters of Thirukkural:
Please visit: http://www.thirukkural.com/2009/01/blog-post_27.html and other sites)

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