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Bala N. Aiyer, M.D.
Bland Diet - Peptic Ulcer Diet

The goal of this diet is to provide general guide line for a good nutrition while restricting the foods which commonly irritates the stomach and the digestive tract, that could cause acidity and aggravate peptic ulcer disease. Eliminate all foods that might have caused stomach upset and distress in the past, such as citrus fruits, tomato, milk and dairy products in some people.

Cereal : Refined cooked cereals; Corn flakes, Rice krispies. [Avoid whole grain cereals]
Egg : Any style except fried eggs. [do not add pepper] [ watch for cholesterol]
Bread : White bread, plain rolls, plain crackers, melba toast.
Milk : All milk except chocolate milk. [some people have milk intolerance]
Soup : Strained cream soup made with allowed vegetables.
-------- [Avoid meat based soups, spices and pepper]
Meat, Fish : Tender meats, chicken and turkey; fresh, frozen or canned fish; crisp bacon.
and Poultry -- [Watch for cholesterol; Avoid processed meats, barbecue sauce and spices]
Cheese : Cottage cheese, cream cheese and mildly flavored cheddar cheese.
----------- [Avoid spices and flavors in cheese products]
Vegetables : Cooked asparagus, beets, carrots, green beans, peas, spinach, squash,
----------------- tomato juice, and pureed vegetables. [some people have problems with tomato]
Potato, rice:White and sweet potato; rice, macaroni and noodles.
& substitute -- [Avoid spiced and fried potato and rice preparations]
Fruits and : Cooked or canned fruits without skin, peel or seeds; ripe banana, fruit puree
Juices ------- and all juices. Citrus fruits and juices must be taken with or after meals only.
-------------- [Avoid fresh fruits, all pineapple and dried fruits]
Fats and oils: Butter, margarine, oils, sour cream and mayonnaise. [Avoid seasoned salad dressings and spices]
Desserts : Plain ice cream, puddings, sherbet, Custard and cakes. [Avoid chocolate and alcohol in the preparations]
Beverages : Decaffeinated coffee, caffeine free tea and colas and milk.[ watch for cholesterol]
Miscellaneous: Cream sauce, cookies, smooth peanut butter, salt, vanilla, lemon juice, honey, syrup and jelly.
------------------- [Be moderate on cinnamon and flavors.]
------------------- [Watch for spices, salt, sugar, chocolate, fat and cholesterol in the food.]
General Guide Lines
Bland Diet
1. Eat normal foods as much as possible in several small portions. Eating frequent and several smaller size meals may be more comfortable and easier on the stomach than two or three large meals a day.
2. Do not starve because of fear of stomach pains or discomfort.
3. Rest and relax a few minutes before and after each and every meal. Always eat slowly and chew the food very well. Set your plan and schedule about your meals.
4. Avoid pepper, chili and other spices. Avoid those foods that bother you. Certain types of food items may be irritating to some persons. If you have milk intolerance, lactose treated milk [lactaid] is available now.
6. Eat nutritious meals every day with a combination of all food groups like
Starch [bread & rice], proteins [meats and beans], fruits, vegetables, oils and Milk products.
7. Citrus fruits and juices should be taken only during or after meals and not in an empty stomach. Avoid more than moderate amount [1 or 2 cups a day] of decaffeinated coffee and caffeine free tea and colas. No regular coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, cola or alcoholic drinks.
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