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Bala N. Aiyer, M.D.
Low Salt Diet & Low Sodium Diet

The Goal of this diet is to provide a general guide line for a good nutrition while restricting the salt [Sodium] intake in the food and provide a Low Sodium diet specially for persons with high blood pressure and / or heart failure. This diet is also suggested for people with some kidney problems and those who retain water and have swellings [edema] of the body or legs.

Cereals : Any type of cereals [do not add salt]
Eggs : Any style [Do not add salt] [Watch for Cholesterol]
Bread : Any Bread, pancakes, waffle or Corn Bread. [Avoid salt toppings]
Milk : Any type of milk [ watch for cholesterol]
Lunch and Dinner
Soup : Only home made or low sodium canned soups. [Avoid bullion cubes and salt]
Meat, Fish : Any meat, fish or poultry; fresh, frozen or low sodium canned.
and Poultry [Avoid processed meats, sausages, corned beef ham, cold cuts and smoked fish]
Cheese : Cottage cheese or low sodium cheese. [Avoid all other types of cheese]
Vegetables : Any fresh or frozen vegetables.
-------------- [Avoid sauerkraut and vegetables prepared in brine or heavily salted]
Potato, Rice : All potatoes, rice, noodles and macaroni freshly prepared with no added salt.
and substitutes [Avoid salted potato chips, pretzels and salted snacks]
Fruits : Any fruit or fruit juice; fresh, frozen or canned. [Do not add any salt]
Fats & Oils : All fats and oils. [watch for cholesterol]
----- [Avoid salted butter, margarine, bacon, salted nuts,
------ salad dressings, pickles and olives]
Desserts : Any dessert in moderation without added salt.
Beverages : All beverages, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, cocoa.
------------- All cola and sodas. [No salted drinks]
Low Salt Cooking Tips
Salt may be added lightly in cooking the dishes but no added salt on serving at the table.
[Some prefer not to add any salt at the cooking time but to sprinkle a little salt at the table.]
May use sugar, honey, syrup and jelly in moderation. For spices: garlic powder and onion powder
may be used in cooking instead of salt, garlic salt and onion salt.
[Avoid all pickles, celery salt, catsup, mustard, relishes, meat extract, chili sauce and Worcestershire sauce]
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