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Introduction to a Healthy Living
Healthy Lifestyle Plans with Diet & Exercise
for Control of Cardio-Metabolic Syndrome
Bala N. Aiyer, M.D.
Metabolic Syndrome - The New Epidemic - 02
What you need is Behavior Modifications

We all need to learn what makes us feel good and what is good for us. We all need to learn how to balance nutrition, fitness, work, stress, relationship, and medication in order to live a healthy life style. Making healthy choices in all these areas can lead to an overall feeling of wellness.


You may have been prescribed many medications for your health and for your ailment. Many of these medications may cause undesirable side effects. One of the side effects could be increase in appetite, feeling of elated mood and weight gain. Many medical illness and medicines need a proper diet to be followed. All health conditions need a properly balanced diet and avoiding certain specific foods .The following pages in this article will help you make the right choices in your diet and physical fitness regimen so that you can keep your medical ailment under proper control, avoid weight gain and food craving, plan a fitness routine and lead a healthier lifestyle.

The most important thing you can do, especially if you have a health problem like Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity [Over Weight] or Stomach problems, is to eat the right type of food and balance the food you eat and keep the calories under control. However, it does not mean you have to give up all the foods you enjoy. Moderation and proper food selection is the name of the game. So, proper meal planning must become a big part of your treatment for your health condition. If you have diabetes, you must remember that all the foods you eat turns into glucose and you need enough insulin in your body of your own or given as injection to use the glucose for energy. If you have hypertension, high salt can complicate the situations. Stomach ulcers get complications with spicy food, caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol. Of course, high fat and high cholesterol diets are bad for every one and can cause overweight and obesity and also lead to coronary artery [heart] disease. Very high protein diets can cause kidney damage in Diabetes and Hypertension. So, let us plan the meals.

So: Choose healthy and well balanced foods, foods high in fiber, low in fat and low in sugar. Eat your favorite foods that you enjoy, but count the Calories and limit the quantity. Eat right amount of food, at the right times, as several [3 or 4] meals a day - do not skip meals. Do not starve anytime. Avoid sugars, salts and spicy foods if you have diabetes, hypertension or stomach problems. If you have obesity or diabetes : cut down your Calories -by 200 to 300 Calories a day at a time.

Eat right & Avoid fad diet and crash diet programs
Increase daily activities and exercise regularly

Avoid Alcohol with each meal. More than one or two drinks will cause harm. If you do not drink, do not start it now for any reason. Alcohol causes liver disease, nerve weakness, stomach problems, low blood glucose [hypoglycemia] spells in diabetics and much more. One or Two drinks of Red Wine may improve your Heart Health, but that shall not be your excuse to start drinking or increase your drinking habits. Remember One or Two drinks per week or just two ays aweek only. Red Grape juice may have the same benefit.

Quit Cigarette smoking as Tobacco in any form, even in small quantity, is harmfull to your health. It is always a good time to quit smoking and that time is now. When you quit smoking food will taste bettr, get absorbed better and the body will utilize the calories better. You might gain some weight, but it is never more than 5 pounds - 2 kilograms. You can easily stop it by cutting the fat intake. This should not be an excuse to smoke. Smoking causes the blood pressure go up, raise your chances of heart attack, causes emphysema, cancers of lung and several other organs, poor circulation in the brain, heart and legs and much more. Is that enough reason to quit smoking.

It is never too late to change.
Be realistic:
Make small changes over time in what you eat and in the level of activity you do.
After all these small steps work better than giant leaps - you won't fall !!!!
Be adventurous:
Expand your taste to enjoy a variety of foods within the limitations.
Be flexible:
Go ahead and balance what you eat and the physical activity you do over several days.
No need to worry about just one meal or one day that you may miss out. You can make it.
Be sensible:
Enjoy all varieties of foods. Just don't over do it.
Start a regular exercise program - 30 minytes a day.
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This is called Behavior Modification -- for a healthy you.
-- This is called Behavior Modification --
Essential Changes -- for a healthy Heart and General Health0